Aditivos para el hormigón. Calidad y Normativa


  • Demetrio Gaspar-Tebar ICCET/CSIC



The admixtures have lost a large part of their character of mysterious products with which spectacular transformations of concretes are achieved. On the other hand, they fave effectively contributed (when used properly) to the development of concretes and have become another one of their components to such an extent that, in many cases, their use is necessary. This paper deals with the current situation of the Spanish Standard and, specially, of the European Standard elaborated by the SC-3 (Admixtures for concrete)/TC 104 (Concrete) of the CEN, where it analysis the testing methods and the characteristics required, specifications and conformity criteria to the principal families of admixtures most used in the concrete manufacturing, taking into account the fact that the admixtures must used once their effects on the concrete are know and that the maintaining of their characteristics must be guaranteed by an adequate quality control.


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Gaspar-Tebar, D. (1994). Aditivos para el hormigón. Calidad y Normativa. Materiales De Construcción, 44(233), 45–60.



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