Ageing tests study on wood-based sandwich panels


  • Raquel Mateo AITIM (Unidad Conjunta INIA-AITIM); INIA, Madrid
  • Juan Carlos Cabrero Laboratorio de Estructuras de Madera CIFOR-INIA, INIA, Madrid
  • Eva Hermoso Laboratorio de Estructuras de Madera CIFOR-INIA, INIA, Madrid
  • José María Chillón IETCC (Instituto de Ciencias de la Construcción Eduardo Torroja), CSIC, Madrid



Wood-based sandwich panels, wood, ageing, durability, climatic cycles


Composite lightweight wood panels are being increasingly used in construction in Spain. Their growing use should be accompanied by necessary guarantees based on studies of their properties. As it is prescriptive and in addition to others tests, in the present work is examinated the durability of these panels when exposed to the climatic conditions, a characteristic of great importance for wood products, according to Guide ETAG 016, the current standard defining the ageing tests to be used. However, due to the use class of this material, there are indications that the testing outlined in this Guide is inappropriate for assessing the ageing of wood-based sandwich panels. Alternative tests are here proposed that recreate rather better the real conditions under which these products are used. Covering the samples in a waterproof sheeting permeable to the outward movement of water vapour, which is in fact used in the installation, provided the best procedure for testing these panels.


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Mateo, R., Cabrero, J. C., Hermoso, E., & Chillón, J. M. (2011). Ageing tests study on wood-based sandwich panels. Materiales De Construcción, 61(304), 583–596.



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