La normalización de piedras naturales


  • Ramón Mañana Vázquez E.T.S. de Ingenieros de Minas (U.P.M.)



The natural stone sector, like any other industrial sector, requires the technological support of standardization for its promotion and development. As a consequence of the creation of AENOR, CTN 22 "Mining and Explosives" consisting of seven subcommittees, was founded. Subcommittee 7 "Natural Stone" is composed of representatives of the businessmen (Stone Federation), Administration (General Office of Mining and Construction, Technical Geo-Mining Institute of Spain —ITGE—, General Office of Housing and Architecture, etc.), Laboratories (Official Laboratory of Construction Materials Testing —LOEMCO—, Central Laboratory of MOPU (Ministry of Publics Works, etc.), Users (Higher Council of Architectural Colleges of Spain, National Confederation of Construction). The Work Plan of the SC 7 "Natural Stone" is the following: — Coordination of the activities of the task groups of the European Committee for Standardization (CEN). — Organization and coordination of the activities of the new Technical Committee of ISO (TC 196 "Natural Stone"). , an intense effort of coordination is required, which is the responsibility given to the Secretary of the Technical Committee of Standardization of Mining and Explosives and carried out by AITEMIN. The work of standardization in the natural stone sector requires the active participation of all the concerned agents in the European and international forums. In order to accomplish this task.


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