Restauración de la Iglesia de San Pedro, en Ávila


  • Jesús Fernández Suárez ICCET/CSIC
  • Ramón Fernández Tresguerres
  • Luis Somoza Arias



The work have been carried out in two consecutive phases. Firstly the four wooden nave forms were sustituted by overdimensioned iron lattice girders that entered the aisles and ended in a capping hoop thus allowing the absorption of the pushes from the vaults that were ruining the church fabric. Besides a careful impermeabilization of both nave and aisles roof was undertaken. The second phase included the restoration of pases and sacristies roofs to their original configurations, both with a re-pointing of the tower's ashlers and a reopening of blinded windows in his intermediate volume. The ruined capping body made of bricks was substituted by another made of ashlers. New windows were designed according to the existent buttress and following the double arch configuration of the reopened ones.


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Fernández Suárez, J., Fernández Tresguerres, R., & Somoza Arias, L. (1985). Restauración de la Iglesia de San Pedro, en Ávila. Materiales De Construcción, 35(198), 49–57.



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