Materiales de Construcción, Vol 44, No 235 (1994)

Influencia del tipo de curado sobre un conglomerante cal-toba-yeso

J. L. Álvarez Cabrera
Centro Técnico para el Desarrollo de los Materiales de Construcción y de la Empresa Constructora del Poder Popular de Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba


Mortars with lime-tufa-gipsum binder where studied when submitted to different types of curing.
The mortars were prepared with a binder/sand ratio of 1/3 and a/c= 0,7, and they were demoulded after 24 hours.
In the tested specimens, variations in values of bending strength, compressive strength and volumetric weight were observed. The best values of mechanical strength were obtained with the specimens submitted to accelerated treatment such as curing in autoclave with saturated vapour, while the smallest values of strength were achieved in the specimens submitted only to weathering.

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