Morteros de albañilería con escombros de demolición


  • J. L. Álvarez Cabrera Centro Técnico para el Desarrollo de los Materiales de Construcción y de la Empresa Constructora del Poder Popular de Ciudad de La Habana
  • F. Urrutia Centro Técnico para el Desarollo de los Materiales de Construcción
  • D. Lecusay Inversiones. Corporación CIMEX, S. A.
  • A. Fernández Empresa de Mantenimiento a Obras de Educación



The possibility of recycling construction rubble, its technical and economic effectiveness, and the social and ecological impact they provide for our society is the reason and the starting point for an optimal exploitation of this aggregate in the manufacture of masonry mortar, since it has the same inherent properties as those obtained from the quarry aggregates, described in the Cuban standard NC52-79:93. The work consists in the preparation and study of masonry mortars using recycled aggregates -demolition product-. Four volumetric dosages were prepared (1:4; 1:5; 1:6 y 1:8), which were submitted to physical and mechanical tests at 7, 28 and 60 days, adherence resistance at 28 days, and capillary absorption, obtaining similar results to those.


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Álvarez Cabrera, J. L., Urrutia, F., Lecusay, D., & Fernández, A. (1997). Morteros de albañilería con escombros de demolición. Materiales De Construcción, 47(246), 43–48.



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