Vol 66, No 322 (2016)


Table of Contents

Research Articles

K-Based Geopolymer from metakaolin: roles of K/Al ratio and water or steam Curing at different temperatures
A. Tawfik, F. Abd El-Raoof, H. Katsuki, K. J.D. MacKenzie, S. Komarneni
The effect of the addition of ground olive stones on the physical and mechanical properties of clay bricks
S. Arezki, N. Chelouah, A. Tahakourt
Effect of pozzolans with different physical and chemical characteristics on concrete properties
H. Paiva, A. Velosa, P. Cachim, V. M. Ferreira
Fundamental properties of industrial hybrid cement: utilization in ready-mixed concretes and shrinkage-reducing applications
P. Martauz, I. Janotka, J. Strigáč, M. Bačuvčík
Life cycle assessment of regional brick manufacture
H. A. López-Aguilar, E. A. Huerta-Reynoso, J. A. Gómez, J. M. Olivarez-Ramírez, A. Duarte-Moller, A. Pérez-Hernández
Optimal fluorite/gypsum mineralizer ratio in Portland cement clinkering
J. I. Tobón, M. F. Díaz-Burbano, O. J. Restrepo-Baena
Nuclear magnetic resonance analysis of freeze-thaw damage in natural pumice concrete
Xiaoxiao Wang, Xiangdong Shen, Hailong Wang, Chu Gao, Tong Zhang
Comparison of PZT and FBG sensing technologies for debonding detection on reinforced concrete beams strengthened with external CFRP strips subjected to bending loads
E. Sevillano, R. Sun, R. Perera, A. Arteaga, A. de Diego, D. Cisneros