Standard test method to determine the performance of tiled roofs to wind-driven rain


  • F. Marín Andrés Uralita Tejados S.A. Madrid
  • M. I. Sánchez de Rojas Instituto de Ciencias de la Construcción Eduardo Torroja (CSIC). Madrid



roof tightness, tiled roof performance, winddriven rain, wind tunnels


The extent to which roof coverings can resist water penetration from the combination of wind and rain, commonly referred to as wind driven rain, is important for the design of roofs. A new project of European Standard prEN 15601 (1) specifies a method of test to determine the performance of the roof covering against wind driven rain.

The combined action of wind and rain varies considerably with geographical location of a building and the associated differences in the rain and wind climate. Three windrain conditions and one deluge condition covering Northern Europe Coastal, Central Europe and Southern Europe are specified in the project standard, each subdivided into four wind-speeds and rainfall rates to be applied to the test. The project does not contain information on the level of acceptable performance.


Download data is not yet available.


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