Study of the shear behaviour of fibre reinforced concrete beams


  • J. Turmo Universidad de Castilla - La Mancha, Ciudad Real
  • N. Banthia University of British Columbia, Vancouver
  • R. Gettu Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai
  • B. Barragán BASF Construction Chemicals España, S.L., Barcelona



concrete, fibre reinforcement, flexural strength, compressive strength, mechanical properties


This study presents a series of tests for characterizing the structural behaviour of fibre reinforced concrete beams subjected to shear loading. The experimental program involves three types of fibres; two steel fibres and a polypropylene fibre. As a reference, plain concrete and conventionally reinforced concrete specimens have also been tested. The ultimate shear capacity of the beams is calculated and these values compared with those predicted by existing formulations. The study confirms that the toughness and shear crack resistance of the material is greatly enhanced by the fibres. However, the incorporation of 1% of fibres yielded lower shear strength than conventionally reinforced beams with the same amount of steel in the form of transversal stirrups. Existing design methods seem sufficiently robust to estimate the maximum shear load, even when using material properties (toughness, tensile strength) extrapolated from code formulae.


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Turmo, J., Banthia, N., Gettu, R., & Barragán, B. (2008). Study of the shear behaviour of fibre reinforced concrete beams. Materiales De Construcción, 58(292), 5–13.



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