A comparison of tensile, fracture and fatigue mechanical behaviour of structural reinforcing bars made with different steels


  • C. Rodríguez Universidad de Oviedo
  • F. J. Belzunce Universidad de Oviedo
  • A. F. Canteli Universidad de Oviedo




reinforcing bars, stainless steels, fatigue, fracture, corrosion


The use of austenitic stainless steels as rebar is an option increasingly used in reinforced concrete structures exposed to aggressive environments and especially those that have to work in marine environments. The same is true for duplex stainless steel rebars, although nowadays they have a lower use, mainly due to the fact that their inclusion in the reinforced concrete standards was delayed 10 years compared to austenitic stainless steel ones, and consequently their in-service behavior is not as well known. A study of the mechanical properties, including fracture toughness, fatigue behaviour and corrosion resistance in saline alkaline environments of austenitic (AISI 304LN and 316LN) and duplex (D2205) stainless steel reinforcing bars was performed in this work. Bars made on a high ductility carbon steel (B500SD) that are normally used to reinforce concrete were also characterized and used as a comparison. Stainless steel reinforcing bars show mechanical properties at least similar but usually higher than one of the best carbon steel re-bars (B500SD), along with a significantly higher ductility and, of course, much better corrosion behaviour in saline alkaline environments.


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