Interpretation of petrographic anisotropy in ornamental granites based on P wave velocity measurements




Granite, Microcracking, Physical properties, Ornamental stones, Durability


The existence of a possible anisotropy, determined by the orientation of any mineral or by micro­crack network in granite rock, isn´t easily detected by the naked eye. Five granitic rocks from Galicia (Spain), namely Albero, Gris Alba, Gris Mondariz, Rosa Porriño and Traspielas, were characterized petrographically by means of textural and mineralogical studies, using optical polarizing microscopy, and fractographic studies were carried out under scanning electron microscopy. Longitudinal wave propagation velocity was measured in three orthogonal directions on cubic samples, oriented according to rift surface (known in quarry works like the preferential partition surface visible in the blocks). Vp was measured on dry and water saturated samples. All the dry samples showed an anisotropic behaviour of Vp. Models of microcrack network distribution and possible mineral grain orientation were developed based on the obtained data.


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