The use of recycled aggregates in the construction sector: a scientific bibliometric analysis




Waste treatment, Recycled aggregate, Construction sector, Bibliometric analysis, Science mapping analysis, Concrete


The environmental problems associated with the construction sector have promoted the worldwide scientific community to pay attention to the use of recycled aggregates from construction and demolition waste. SciMAT and VOSviewer bibliometric tools have been applied in order to analyse, quantify and visualise the conceptual and social aspects of this scientific field, as well as its evolution between 1973 and 2019. The study of 843 scientific papers in this field has shown that the most important thematic area has been Recycling. In general, the common objective of the published papers was to study the efficient use of resources contained in construction and demolition waste due to their treatment to produce recycled aggregates, particularly for use in concrete. Likewise, some lacks have been observed in other areas of the analysed field, e.g. the use recycled aggregates in applications subject to less demanding regulations (mortars, precast concrete products, or green roofs).


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