Project on strengthening of structures using advanced composites


  • A. Recuero lETCC-CSIC
  • A. Miravete ICMA-Dpto. de Ingeniería Mecánica de la Univ. de Zaragoza


Restoration, strengthening and rehabilitation of buildings becomes one of the more interesting aspects of the use of composites. Construction industry has not yet accepted the wide structural use of these new materials because it does not know the advantages of composites in comparison with traditional materials, such as concrete or steel. Engineers involved in design and construction are conservative and resist to changes. They require codes and specifications, what makes that an entity should lead the use of the new material or technology. At present, the experience needed to prepare those codes does not exist. Experimental tests and successful cases are necessary for the acceptance of these materials in construction. A project is presented, with the aim to provide the experimental basis, needed to update design codes and standards, and the technology for the use of these new composites in building and civil structures strengthening, taking actual pathology, quality and durability into account, as well as urban aesthetics. Research specialists in composites, structural analysis and testing, and in structural pathology, as well as composites and adhesives manufacturers and users, designers and final users will co-work in this project. This will allow that all relevant aspects of the problem be considered.


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