La "Aluminosis" del cemento aluminoso o un término nuevo para una clásica enfermedad


  • Rafael Talero Morales ICCET/CSIC
  • Fernando Triviño Vázquez ICCET/CSIC
  • Jorge Palacios de María ICCET/CSIC
  • Francisco Félix Díaz García ICCET/CSIC



The recent item of news that appeared mainly in newspapers, journals, etc.; of the Canary Islands, in relation to the great deterioration which is detected in the concrete of aluminous cement. This is degenerative disease which is called ALUMINOSIS. This has taken us —precisely on account of the term ALUMINOSIS— to tinge and to precise the characteristics and particularities of that so-called new disease of the aluminous cement, allowing us to demonstrate that the disease ALUMINOSIS is not new in spite of its possible phonetic originality. This paper describes the mineralogical composition, the manufacturing and use of the aluminous cements and also its three more common diseases which can affect it and their additional consequences, specifying in which three diseases can we place the ALUMINOSIS and its origin. Finally this paper gives a Code of "Good Practice" and some Prescriptions and Proscriptions to be used the aluminous cement, ending this paper with the description of real case of a building very deteriorated because of ALUMINOSIS. These building was made with concrete of aluminous cement.


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Talero Morales, R., Triviño Vázquez, F., Palacios de María, J., & Díaz García, F. F. (1989). La "Aluminosis" del cemento aluminoso o un término nuevo para una clásica enfermedad. Materiales De Construcción, 39(216), 37–51.



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