(GEHO) Grupo español del hormigón


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The European Concrete Board (CEB) was founded in 1957 for the purpose of developing at an international level the study of any scientific and technical subject which might further building in concrete. Among its six founding members was the Spanish professor Eduardo Torroja. From then onwards, the CEB's prestige has continuously increased thanks to the accomplished works and publications. On the other hand, since 1976 when its Statutes were reformed the CEB has been named Euro-International Concrete Board, therefore admitting any country in the world. At present their member countries are more than fourty. In Spain, the relation with the CEB has been traditionally accomplished through the "Eduardo Torroja Institute of Construction and Cement" (lETcc), belonging to the High Council of Scientific Research, through which technical and administrative relations were centralized. This Institute’s mission has proved very effective and has directly or indirectly favoured a great number of Spanish experts and professionals in the building sector. In particular the Spanish technical regulation of the concrete sector is based on the CEB's works. The increasing development of the concrete technique in our country, in its different aspects of research, teaching, projects, calculations, construction, quality control, etc., has furthered the number of professionals who are interested in the CEB. Therefore it is advisable to create an Association, according to the law of December 24th 1964, which should channel all activities deriving from membership of the CEB, thus promoting the Spanish experts’ participation in such a prestigious organization. The present Statutes meet this idea of participation. With respect to the Additional Provisions, they constitute an acknowledgement of the main role played in the subject by the Eduardo Torroja Institute and mark as well a path for future evolution. The Spanish Concrete Group legalization process was completed by its inscription at the Madrid Provincial Registry of Associations, N.P. 6.771 of July 4th 1985.


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