Materiales de Construcción, Vol 49, No 253 (1999)

El coeficiente de eficacia del humo de sílice

M. Pilar Alaejos Gutiérrez
Lab. Central de Estructuras y Materiales del CEDEX, Spain

M. Fernández Cánovas
Lab. Central de Estructuras y Materiales del CEDEX, Spain


Silica fume is a pozzolanic addition specially used to get high resistance concrete. Present Spanish standards on additives dictate that silica fumes have to comply with specific requirements when used as concrete addition. Once it has been proved they comply with those requirements, microsilicas of different characteristics can be used, which influence concrete properties in different ways. This paper discloses the experimental results obtained in the Central Laboratory of Structures and Materials of the CEDEX with three microsilicas from different sources. Through the results it has been observed that the coefficient of efficiency of silica fume can have very different values, although complying with the standards in force. The value of this coefficient of efficiency is compared to the one included in text of the future EHE.

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