Materiales de Construcción, Vol 37, No 205 (1987)

Effect of cement type and cement proportion in the corrosion rate of rebars embedded in carbonated mortar

C. Alonso

C. Andrade


The inexistence of quantitative data on steel behaviour in carbonated mortar and concrete have driven us to carry out a serie of tests to know the kinetic of the corrosion rebars.
Polarization Resistance was the technique used to determine the corrosion rate of the rebars.
In the present tests a first study with mortar has been carried out to know the influence of the cement nature, its proportion and water-cement (W/c) ratio on the steel corrosion rate.
The results indicate that the type of cement has not a significant influence, non a systematic trend in the corrosion rate measured.
On the contrary the cement proportion seems to have a more important effect (the higher the cement dosage c/s, the lower the corrosion is).

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