Vol 62, No 306 (2012)


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Silent call for cooperation...
Pepa Cassinello

Research Articles

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Estimating the chloride transport in cement paste
A. Princigallo
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Mechanical behaviour of alkali-activated blast furnace slag-activated metakaolin blended pastes. Statistical study
I. Higuera, C. Varga, J. G. Palomo, A. Gil-Maroto, T. Vázquez, F. Puertas
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Use of the “red gypsum” industrial waste as substitute of natural gypsum for commercial cements manufacturing
M. J. Gázquez, J. P. Bolívar, F. Vaca, R. García-Tenorio, A. Mena-Nieto
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Utilization of bagasse from the beer industry in clay brick production for building
M. L. Martínez, D. Eliche, N. Cruz, F. A. Corpas
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Durability of fired clay bricks containing granite powder
G. C. Xavier, F. Saboya, P. C. Maia, J. Alexandre
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Differences in the rheological properties of calcitic and dolomitic lime slurries: influence of particle characteristics and practical implications in lime-based mortar manufacturing
A. Arizzi, R. Hendrickx, G. Cultrone, K. Van Balen
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Standard tests for the characterization of roofing slate pathologies
V. Cárdenes, F. J. Mateos, A. Rubio-Ordoñez, C. Monterroso
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Determination of the stress-strain curve in specimens of Scots pine for numerical simulation of defect free beams
V. Baño, R. Argüelles-Bustillo, R. Regueira, M. Guaita

Technical Note

Gypsum plasterboard walls: inspection, pathological characterization and statistical survey using an expert system
C. Gaião, J. de Brito, J. D. Silvestre
Materials used to build the wooden vault over the Plenary Hall in the Spanish Senate Buiding
R. Bustamante, J. Monjo, M. I. Sánchez de Rojas
Constructive Aspects of the Artificial Stone Veneer (arcosita "Butsems") of the South Façade of the Spanish Senate Palace
R. Bustamante, J. Monjo, M. I. Sánchez de Rojas