Effect of an admixture from Agave americana on the physical and mechanical properties of plaster


  • J. C. Ochoa Universidad Nacional de Colombia
  • M. Bonilla Universitat Politècnica de València
  • M. V. Borrachero Universitat Politècnica de València
  • J. Payá Universitat Politècnica de València




organic admixture, gypsum, physical properties, hydration, halogen moisture analyzer


Physical and mechanical properties of a plaster paste added with an organic admixture, of the leaves of Agave americana, were studied. Plastic consistency behavior was evaluated and the water/gypsum(w/g) ratio was determined for each dosage of the admixture. Admixtur eeffect on setting was evaluated too. The chemical transformation of the hemihydrated form to gypsum (dihydrated form) was studied using a novel technique based on a moisture analyzer by halogen light. Flexural and compressive strengths were measured. The results show that ,for the same consistency, accordingly mechanical strengths were improved too. The setting times were increased which would enhance the application time of plaster and would reduce plastic shrinkage, common problems in this type of material. The changes in these physical properties not substantially affect the final mechanical strengths.


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Ochoa, J. C., Bonilla, M., Borrachero, M. V., & Payá, J. (2013). Effect of an admixture from Agave americana on the physical and mechanical properties of plaster. Materiales De Construcción, 63(309), 79–92. https://doi.org/10.3989/mc.2013.05111



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