Characterization mixtures of thick gypsum with addition of treated waste from laminated plasterboards


  • A. Rodríguez-Orejón Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
  • M. Del Río-Merino Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
  • F. Fernández-Martínez Universidad Politécnica de Madrid



Composite materials, Gypsum plaster, Laminated plasterboard, Waste


nvironmental protection involves the reuse of construction and demolition waste. In order to improve recycling, waste from laminated plasterboards is used in the cement and laminated gypsum boards manufacture.This article analyzes the use of ground and burnt laminated plasterboard (BLG) waste mixed with thick gypsum (TG). Physical-mechanical characterization of superficial hardness and mechanical strength has been performed on different batches of plaster powder materials with different BLG waste particle sizes to determine its suitability. Coarse particle sizes were preferred in order to reduce the waste treatment. From all the mixtures studied, the one with the best results was TG + 5% BLG1.25 which forms a material of higher superficial hardness and strength. The results obtained in the study have proved suitable products for building use (both as renders and as prefabricated elements) enabling for a reduction in the consumption of natural resources.


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