Behaviour of FRP confined concrete in square columns


  • A. de Diego Eduardo Torroja Institute for Construction Science, CSIC
  • A. Arteaga Eduardo Torroja Institute for Construction Science, CSIC
  • J. Fernández Technical University of Madrid
  • R. Perera Technical University of Madrid
  • D. Cisneros Eduardo Torroja Institute for Construction Science, CSIC



Concrete, Composite, FRP, Confinement, Compressive strength


A significant amount of research has been conducted on FRP-confined circular columns, but much less is known about rectangular/square columns in which the effectiveness of confinement is much reduced. This paper presents the results of experimental investigations on low strength square concrete columns confined with FRP. Axial compression tests were performed on ten intermediate size columns. The tests results indicate that FRP composites can significantly improve the bearing capacity and ductility of square section reinforced concrete columns with rounded corners. The strength enhancement ratio is greater the lower the concrete strength and also increases with the stiffness of the jacket. The confined concrete behaviour was predicted according to the more accepted theoretical models and compared with experimental results. There are two key parameters which critically influence the fitting of the models: the strain efficiency factor and the effect of confinement in non-circular sections.


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