Technical Note: Statistical analysis of defects of tiles´ joints


  • J. Silvestre Instituto Técnico de Lisboa / Laboratorio Nacional de Ingeniería Civil, Lisboa
  • J. de Brito Instituto Técnico de Lisboa



pathology, tile, ceramic, mortar, deterioration


The present article addresses tile joint defects in interior and exterior floors and walls. It begins with a classification of tile joint defects along with their likely causes, establishing a correlation matrix between the two sets of parameters.
This is followed by the identification of the flaws found most frequently in this type of cladding, based on field data collected during 88 inspections of tile joint material. The statistical analysis of these data is shown in the form of charts representing the frequency of joint defects, their causes and the interrelationships between the two.
The field work confirmed the high frequency of joint defects in all types of tiling. This conclusion underscores the need for proper joint design and maintenance planning (including periodic inspection and repair as appropriate) to guarantee the durability of this type of cladding.


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