Characterization of alkali-metal and alkaline-earth nitrates by vibrational spectroscopy


  • S. Martínez ICCET/CSIC
  • F. Acción Facultad de Químicas, Universidad Complutense
  • F. Puertas ICCET/CSIC



Infrared spectra of sodium and potassium alkaline-metal nitrates and magnesium and calcium alkali-earth nitrates in solid phase had been recorded in order to assign the fundamental bands. The influence of the dispersal médium (alkaline halide), employed in the solid sample preparation have been discussed. The quantitative measurements of the band in ten sities at 1387 cm-1 (present in the I.R. spectra of the four nitrates in KBr médium) allowed us to determine the Lambert-Beer law slopes for each compound. These values are differents (bearing in mind experimental random errors), so we have could to affirm the nonexistence of solid solution between the nitrate and the alkaline halide médium. The L-B law obtained by us can be used for the Identification differentiation and quantitative analysis of these nitrates in solid phase, even if they are present in a very low concentration.


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Martínez, S., Acción, F., & Puertas, F. (1992). Characterization of alkali-metal and alkaline-earth nitrates by vibrational spectroscopy. Materiales De Construcción, 42(227), 25–36.



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