Design and construction of prestressed arch using plastic shoppers waste


  • S. Ali Khan University of Engineering and Technology
  • M. Ahmad Kamal University of Engineering and Technology



compressed shoppers waste (CSW) block, structural arch, reuse, construction material, visco-elastic


Since the development of plastic in the last century, being versitile it has become very popular for diversified uses. The problem appears when these plastics, particularly shoppers are disposed as waste. The current reuse and recycling rates for the plastic shoppers waste are very low. Construction Industry has a great potential for the reuse of shoppers waste. Shoppers waste has been compressed to fabricate compressed shoppers waste (CSW) blocks. This study is related to an innovative reuse of CSW-blocks for the construction of prestressed structural arch. This paper is dedicated to the design and construction of structural arch using shoppers waste as a material.


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Ali Khan, S., & Ahmad Kamal, M. (2012). Design and construction of prestressed arch using plastic shoppers waste. Materiales De Construcción, 62(308), 597–606.



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