Materiales de Construcción, Vol 38, No 211 (1988)

Evaluation of the efficiency of a repaired chloride-contaminated concrete

C. Andrade

B. Bacle

C. Alonso

J. M. Conde-Salazar
Laboratorio Geocisa, Spain


This report describes several tests that are being carried out on a viaduct near Madrid City, whose reinforcements have been seriously damaged by corrosion. These tests consist in measuring corrosion potentials and in a time soon to come, they will include the measurement of corrosion rates by means of the apparent Polarization Resistance.
A methodology of laboratory tests to evaluate the protective capacity of the repairing system used towards the reinforcements is also included. Tests results have reported that the repairing materials employed do not fit the repassivating and protective function they should satisfy. Finally, it is also recalled to attention the real need in developing suitable test specifications able to provide a characterization of these repairing materials when they are going to be employed in structures damaged by corrosion in reinforcements.

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