Vol 65, No 318 (2015)


Table of Contents

Research Articles

Performance at high temperature of alkali-activated slag pastes produced with silica fume and rice husk ash based activators
S. A. Bernal, E. D. Rodríguez, R. Mejía de Gutiérrez, J. L. Provis
Preparation and properties of high-strength recycled concrete in cold areas
Y. Haitao, T. Shizhu
Use of bottom ash from thermal power plant and lime as filler in bituminous mixtures
E. López-López, Á. Vega-Zamanillo, M. Á. Calzada-Pérez, M. A. Taborga-Sedano
Constituent phases and mechanical properties of iron oxide-additioned phosphoaluminate cement
Shuai Yang, Shoude Wang, Chenchen Gong, Lingchao Lu, Xin Cheng
Mineralogical, textural and physical-mechanical study of hydraulic lime mortars cured under different moisture conditions
A. Arizzi, G. Martinez-Huerga, E. Sebastián-Pardo, G. Cultrone
Pictorial materials used in the polychrome decorations of the façade of the palace of King Pedro I (The Royal Alcazar of Seville, Spain)
O. López-Cruz, A. García-Bueno, V. J. Medina-Flórez, A. Sánchez-Navas, N. Velilla
Lightweight concrete masonry units based on processed granulate of corn cob as aggregate
J. Faustino, E. Silva, J. Pinto, E. Soares, V. M.C.F. Cunha, S. Soares
Influence of supplementary cementitious materials on water transport kinetics and mechanical properties of hydrated lime and cement mortars
C. Ince, S. Derogar, T. M. Michelitsch