Preparation and characterization of protective self-cleaning TiO2/kaolin composite coating




Composite, Durability, Characterization, Microstructure, Particles size distribution, Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), X-ray diffraction (XRD)


The application of self-cleaning coatings presents one of the most effective ways to protect the surfaces of the building materials. The effect of TiO2/kaolin based coatings applied to three types of substrates: non-porous, porous and highly porous, was investigated. Mechanical activation was applied for the impregnation of the active TiO2 component (in content of 3 and 10 wt. %) into the kaolin support. Surface properties (roughness, hydrophilicity and micro-hardness) and functional properties (photocatalytic activity and self-cleaning efficiency) were studied in order to define the optimal formulation of the applied coatings. The effect of the photocatalytic behavior of the coated substrates in terms of self-cleaning ability was assessed by the photodegradation of Rhodamine B, performed before and after durability tests. The results obtained in this paper showed that photocatalytic activity of the TiO2/kaolin composite coating generally depends on the procedure of TiO2 impregnation into the kaolin clay and the loaded TiO2 content.


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