Vol 63, No 311 (2013)


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Relevance of the standardisation of cement and cement-based materials to sustainable construction
Miguel Ángel Sanjuán

Research Articles

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Influence of different technological-environmental parameters on the evolution of resistance of concrete, produced in the Province of Valencia
J. Cánoves, V. Calvet, J. Benlloch, R. Díez
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Equivalent Mortar Volume (EMV) method for proportioning recycled aggregate concrete: Validation under the Spanish context and its adaptation to Bolomey methodology for concrete proportioning
C. Jiménez, D. Aponte, E. Vázquez, M. Barra, S. Valls
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Rice husk ash as a source of silica in alkali-activated fly ash and granulated blast furnace slag systems
J. M. Mejía, R. Mejía de Gutiérrez, F. Puertas
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Polished Stone Value Test and its relationship with petrographic parameters (hardness contrast and modal composition) and surface micro-roughness in natural and artificial aggregates
A. Fernández, M. A. Alonso, F. J. López-Moro, M. C. Moro
Experimental and analytical study about the compressive behavior of eps sandwich panels
G. Carbonari, S. H. P. Cavalaro, M. M. Cansario, A. Aguado
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Study of the cracking of sandwich panels of plasterboard and rockwool
J. A. Alonso, E. Reyes, J. C. Gálvez
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Dry sand as a specialized layer to improve the acoustic insulation between rooms one above another
C. Díaz, D. Caballol, A. Díaz, A. Rodríguez
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A comparison of tensile, fracture and fatigue mechanical behaviour of structural reinforcing bars made with different steels
C. Rodríguez, F. J. Belzunce, A. F. Canteli
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Ariadne´s house (Pompeii, Italy) wall paintings: A multidisciplinary study of its present state focused on a future restoration and preventive conservation
M.C. Pérez, F. J. García-Diego, P. Merello, P. D’Antoni, A. Fernández-Navajas, A. Ribera i Lacomba, L. Ferrazza, J. Pérez-Miralles, José-Luis Baró, P. Merce, H. D’Antoni, J. Curiel-Esparza