Vol 69, No 333 (2019)

Online First


Table of Contents

Research Articles

Development of lightweight insulating building materials from perlite wastes
G. M. Tsaousi, L. Profitis, I. Douni, E. Chatzitheodorides, D. Panias
Use of fly ash and phosphogypsum for the synthesis of belite-sulfoaluminate clinker
S. Kramar, L. Žibret, E. Fidanchevska, V. Jovanov, B. Angjusheva, V. Ducman
Urban structure degradation caused by growth of plants and microbial activity
E. Mejía, J. I. Tobón, W. Osorio
Artificial arenite from wastes of natural sandstone industry
C. Conde-Vázquez, O. de Miguel-San Martín, G. García-Herbosa
Manufacture of ceramics with high mechanical properties from red mud and granite waste
I. Gonzalez-Triviño, J. Pascual-Cosp, B. Moreno, M. Benítez-Guerrero
Size effect in the fracture properties of sandwich panels of plasterboard and core of rock wool
J. A. Alonso, E. Reyes, J. C. Gálvez
Carbonation of hybrid concrete with high blast furnace slag content and its impact on structural steel corrosion
D. E. Angulo-Ramirez, R. Mejía de Gutiérrez, W. G. Valencia-Saavedra, M. H. F. de Medeiros, J. Hoppe-Filho