Vol 66, No 324 (2016)


Table of Contents

Research Articles

Influence of the synergy between mineral additions and Portland cement in the physical-mechanical properties of ternary binders
Á. Fernández, M. C. Alonso, J. L. García-Calvo, B. Lothenbach
Contributions to the study of porosity in fly ash-based geopolymers. Relationship between degree of reaction, porosity and compressive strength
Y. Luna-Galiano, C. Fernández-Pereira, M. Izquierdo
TriDes – a new tool for the design, development and non-destructive evaluation of advanced construction steels
R. Nevshupa, E. Roman, K. E. Grinkevych, I. Martinez
Characterization of gypsum plasterboard with polyurethane foam waste reinforced with polypropylene fibers
L. Alameda, V. Calderón, C. Junco, A. Rodríguez, J. Gadea, S. Gutiérrez-González
Concrete manufactured with crushed asphalt as partial replacement of natural aggregates
L. Coppola, P. Kara, S. Lorenzi
Characterization of the properties of perlite geopolymer pastes
G. M. Tsaousi, I. Douni, D. Panias
Compressive strength behaviour of low- and medium-strength concrete specimens confined with carbon fibres in defective implementation conditions: an experimental study
M. Fernández-Cánovas, M. N. González-García, J. Á. Piñero, A. Cobo
Influence of aggregate and supplementary cementitious materials on the properties of hydrated lime (CL90s) mortars
S. Pavía, M. Aly
Analysis of the bearing capacity of unbound granular mixtures with rubber particles from scrap tyres when used as sub-ballast
C. Hidalgo-Signes, P. Martínez-Fernández, J. Garzón-Roca, R. Insa-Franco
Recycling ceramic industry wastes in sound absorbing materials
C. Arenas, L. F. Vilches, C. Leiva, B. Alonso-Fariñas, M. Rodríguez-Galán