Vol 68, No 332 (2018)


Table of Contents

Research Articles

Comparative study of the influence of three types of fibre in the shrinkage of recycled mortar
P. Saiz-Martínez, D. Ferrández-Vega, C. Morón-Fernández, A. Payán de Tejada-Alonso
Influence of bagasse ash with different fineness on alkali-silica reactivity of mortar
S. Ramjan, W. Tangchirapat, C. Jaturapitakkul
Evaluation of cements obtained by alkali-activated coal ash with NaOH cured at low temperatures
A. A. Hoyos-Montilla, Y. P. Arias-Jaramillo, J. I. Tobón
The influence of curing and aging on chloride transport through ternary blended cement concrete
F. J. Luna, Á. Fernández, M. C. Alonso
Theoretical and experimental analysis of multifunctional high performance cement mortar matrices reinforced with varying lengths of carbon fibers
R. A. Khushnood, S. Muhammad, S. Ahmad, J. M. Tulliani, M. U. Qamar, Q. Ullah, S. A. Khan, A. Maqsom
Consolidation with ethyl silicate: how the amount of product alters the physical properties of the bricks and affects their durability
G. Cultrone, V. Sánchez-Ibáñez
Mechanical behaviour of rammed earth column: A comparison between unreinforced, steel and bamboo reinforced columns
D. D. Tripura, K. D. Singh